A week of healthy meals from Chicago's #1 Personal Chef Katie Simmons

Healthy Weekly Meals


Chef Katie Simmons is classically-trained with a specialty in special diets, including:

Gluten-free (Celiac)

Low-residue (Crohn's, FodMap diet)

Vegan, oil-free, plant-based, raw

Allergy-free (egg, dairy, soy, shellfish, nut, and more) 

She focuses on using fresh, whole ingredients, with minimal processed or refined flours, oils, sweeteners and preservatives.

She will leave your kitchen clean and your fridge full.  

The meals are catered to your requests and needs: the flavors, ingredients, and recipes can be as "healthy" as you want.  Or don't want.

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Pricing ranges from $175 - $500, depending on the number of meals and amount of variety you'd like.  

Chef Katie is happy to work with your budget and lifestyle to find the best options that works for your healthy eating goals.  



Whether cooking for a family of 6 or catering for one individual on a highly-restrictive diet, Chef Katie receives consistent positive feedback for her high level of service.

 She carefully listens to your specific needs and constantly seeks areas for improvement.  

Her goal is to always provides an exceptional experience. 

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Hungry yet?  

From Classic French to Spicy,

Comfort Foods to Healthy Salads,

A Full Range of Dishes are Meant to Satisfy any Tastes