Keep Walking: 4 days on the Incan Trail

50 pounds

50 pounds

When you’re hiking for hours at a time, no music, no phone, no distractions, the question is:

What do you think about?

For me, I thought about the weight on my back.

My dayback, loaded with water, snacks, a camera, and a few changes of clothes, probably weighed about 30 pounds.

I felt it.

Climbing stairs, I was breathless.

Coming down, I felt every shock on my hips, my lower back, my knees, my Knees, MY KNEES.

Even walking flat, I felt the constant burden.

30 pounds.

At my heaviest, I had about 50 pounds more than I do now.

50 pounds.

The heaviness of that – the burden, the shock, the impact – it weighed me down.

I’ve heard the slogans “Big is Beautiful” “Love your curves”.  And, yes, you are beautiful, at any weight. 

But fat is heavy.

It is uncomfortable, it weighs you down.  It takes a toll on your body.

The sooner you can let go of it, the sooner you can feel free.

Who knows where your trail will lead, the challenges and obstacles you will face?  But you know the view will be worth it.  You know that taking off that heavy bag at the end of the day will feel incredible.  You will feel free.

Just keep walking.

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