Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Health is a journey.  When we take that journey by ourselves, we can often feel unequipped and frustrated by the setbacks we face.  When we take that journey on a popular diet fad, we can feel guilty for failing afterpromises of success.  Chef Katie has the knowledge and passion to educate and motivate you on your journey. 

As a Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Chef Katie has a fully-stocked toolkit to enable your success.  Together, you will work on the areas of your life where you strain for more balance: eating, weight-loss, fitness, disease prevention, and how all of these can impact your daily choices.  She will work one-on-one with you to set achievable goals, establish a realistic plan, and support you as your journey carries you through low valleys and high summits.  Services include pantry overhauls, shopping trips, lessons on label-reading, and weekly meal planning.  Please contact Chef Katie to start building your personalized program.