ED: Canary in the Cardiac Coal Mine

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Erectile Dysfunction.

I can see you squirming already.

It's not a comfortable subject for anyone to talk about: Man, woman, daughter, son.

But in this month of Heart Awareness, let's pay special attention to one of the blessings put upon our male population.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) shows its face as the shame-inducing impotence.  However, what causes ED is lack of blood flow.  This is the same lack of blood flow that has been linked to coronary heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, arterial disease, and chronic kidney disease.  As Dustin Rudolph (Pharm., D) explains on his website, Plant-basedpharmacist.com "One shocking statistic is that two thirds of all men with clinically evident coronary artery disease also have ED [1].  What's more, the signs and symptoms of ED frequently show up in these men approximately 2-3 years before the consequences of coronary atherosclerosis."

So rather than giggle at impotence, let's use it as a HUGE warning sign to get checked up.  And when a doctor prescribes a chemical to treat ED, let's read the side effects of that drug carefully.  

Let's think about the consequences.  Let's consider plants, as a plant-based, oil-free diet has continuously shown to be the most effective in treating heart disease.  

Show the men you love that you want them to stick around for a long time.

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Or watch a 3-min video with Dr. Esselstyn's take on ED: