Culinary Coach

Are you ready to excel in the kitchen?  Are you tired of being afraid of your stove?  Chef Katie is here to teach and guide you as you hone your culinary acumen.  With an extensive history of teaching, she is eager to share her passion for cooking with you -- whether you are a novice or an Iron Chef.  By building a customized program, you will set culinary goals and learn the techniques and tips to help you reach those goals.  You will also receive ongoing support and coaching to tackle any setbacks. 

Chef Katie is eager to play in your kitchen.  She is ready for both individual cooking sessions and relaxed dinner parties with your friends.  Bring her to your company's team and discover how food is the universal language of community.  She is available for all size crowds. 

Pricing is based on the number of students, length of class, and menu.  Please contact Chef Katie to discuss the best options for you.