Cooking Show: Food Purpose

I have been fortunate enough to be the host of a cooking show called "Food Purpose".

This show shares how easy, inexpensive, and delicious eating a plant-based, oil-free diet.

As both a chef and a wellness professional, I am continuously reminded of the dual role food plays in our lives:
The chef in me wants to bring people to the table, to tell a story, to celebrate tradition, to explore cultures.
The wellness side of me wants you to be energized, motivated, and strong, all within a healthy weight range.

For me, food is more than fuel.  Nor is food the sole reason to live.

Food is about enjoyment, gratitude, and pleasure without the expense of your health.

I have felt honored to host "Food Purpose", and I am excited for its premier on TV in December 2013

For viewing on your own schedule in in your own location, check out this link on YouTube:
Food Purpose: Surviving the Holidays

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Much thanks to Tim Gales, who is the brain behind this veggie-filled operation.