Give 'em the Finger

I love the culinary language. 

Chefs can sound so impressive with their menus of "Aubergine Frito", "Vermicelli Caprese", and "Bistek a la Plancha".  You throw something in a different language, and you're suddenly able to charge $40 a plate for "Fried Eggplant", "Tomato Basil Little Worm Noodles", and "Grilled Flattened Beef".  It always so eloquent when Wolfgang Puck talks about remoulade and aioli, but you can create the same flavors with dressed up versions of mayonnaise.

The same goes with the produce.  Ten years ago, your selection of apples was limited to green or red.  Now that farmers are hip and happening, you shoppers are learning about varieities like Honeycrisp, Jonagold, and Braeburn.  Our world is becoming more diverse, challenging what we think we know. 

And even the humble potato has been remastered into a glorious delight.  Ten years ago, you just had Idaho or sweet.  Now you have Baby Reds, Yukon Golds, Japanese Yams, Garnets.  You go to the farmer's market where you have even more: German Butter, Crescents, Baby Purples, and, yes, Fingerlings.

These cute little guys are calling for you to taste.  They cook faster than your big Idahos and have a creamy, inviting texture.  Their variety of colors makes it easy to add some flair to your dinner plate.  Just overlook the fact that they're name comes from the appendage they resemble.  I see these, and I think of the witch's finger from Snow White.  If only she tasted as good...

Try: Roasted Fingerlings with Garlic Chive "Bettah"

Potatoes Galore!  From Nichols Farm at Green City Market

Potatoes Galore!  From Nichols Farm at Green City Market