Salad Greens: Beyond Rabbit Food

You've heard it before.  It's the great diet sentence, the imprisonment of restriction:

"Only salads and water.  I'm on a DIET".  Yep, rabbit food. 

Blame it on the fads of the 80's, when losing weight meant plates full of iceberg with a couple of cucumber slices.

Welcome to 2013.  Just as diets have evolved, so has our taste in lettuce.   

Believe it or not, iceberg still remains the number one lettuce in the US.  Iceberg is cheap, easy-to-grow, easy-to-ship, and lines nearly every hamburger and fast food sandwich. 

But there are so many other options out there.  You just have to think beyond the Drive-Thru. 

Think arugula, escarole, red leaf, green leaf, Boston Bibb.

Think baby spinach, curly spinach, Italian Nero spinach. 

Think sliced heads of endive, radicchio, Savoy, Napa. 

Think dandelion greens, amaranth leaves, nasturtium petals. 

Think pea tendrils, basil leaves, parsley sprigs, garlic scapes. 

Think beyond the iceberg, beyond the RABBIT FOOD.

Think Haute Cuisine.